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26 October 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Why we name our vans after Simpsons characters

Many people have asked about why we name our motorhomes and why we chose the names we have. Firstly I think it is much nicer to talk about ‘Maggie’ or ‘Lisa’ rather than the S555 or S580 and it goes along with a more personal service that we try to offer. Secondly why did we come up with the names we have chosen; well this is all down to my lovely other half who hails from Finland. She found great difficulty in pronouncing ‘Hymer’ and would always refer to ‘the Homer’MOTORHOME– it stuck and seemed to fit with the stubborn, direct and large but loveable S700. So now we have Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, Ned, Barney and Herb; we are currently looking for Mr Burns, Disco Stu, Lenny, Abe, Mo, Nelson…. Milhouse is on his way and will be on our site soon!

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