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When seven lads (all of whom are in the grip of some form of mid-life crisis) need a break then what better than a retro (early 90s) Hymer ‘van and a trip to Calais? We took two ‘vans from HireaHymer and never looked back. By the end of our mini trip we had bonded with our new friends on wheels as we unearthed their unique characters. They are not perfect (thank god, how dull if they were) , but they are well loved and you can sense the previous nice moments had in them. We have done this trip many times , usually dossing down in a cheap, hot Holiday Inn room – but this trip was something else, something quite different and that was the point. The two owners, John and Pete, kept the whole thing relaxed and friendly and so thanks to them any crisis we bore that weekend were soon forgotten. My advice: go and do it.

- Ben - 10/10/2013

We hired Smithers for a week at the beginning of the summer holidays for a trip to Dorset. I have to say that we found both dealing with Pete at Hire a Hymer and our week with Smithers to be an absolute Joy. Pete was helpful from the outset and put himself and his cleaning staff out to get Smithers ready for our trip early, even though the van had only just returned from a 3 month trip around Europe. The size of the van and the gearbox took a bit of getting used to, but as long as you are not expecting modern car type speed, you are in for a relaxing if slightly noisy drive. Over the week we took Smithers to Swanage, Lyme Regis and Weymouth, at each stop we were the envy of all the caravaners as we pulled up, rolled our the awning, got out the table and chairs and had the kettle on in less than 10 mins, while they were still trying to reverse into position.Overall I would recommend hiring a Hymer to any family wanting to have a fun filled holiday which allows you to appreciate time together. We will be booking again next year.

- John - 07/10/2013

We decide after many weeks of speculating to scrap our holiday abroad and take the road for our family holiday , BEST decision we ever made we searched google and come accross “hire a hymer ” we was very impressed with the motor homes and decide to hire side show bob , we was very impressed with our new home for the week and couldnt wait to get on the road and set off on our adventure to scotland with many fun and tiring mini stops on the way , the hymer was always warm and cosy and we loved how comfortable the beds are , If you want an amazing holiday defo book a hymer you will not be dissapointed !!!!

- Andy - 01/10/2013

We’ve just returned from a long weekend at the End of the Road festival where Barney was our host for the duration. We found the layout of this van is ideal for four adults sharing – it has the usual drop down cab double and a fixed French bed at the rear. Both areas can be curtained off to provide some privacy too. Barney has everything you need in a campervan and feels very spacious when inside. Loads of cupboard space to put things out of the way and surprisingly good shower!

- Peter - 01/10/2013

Our holiday was this August 2013. We were new to motorhomes in general, having only holidayed in a newish one once, the previous year. My husband always wanted to drive a hymer and eventually talked me into hiring Maggie for a 2 week break in the Loire Valley, France. The holiday pretty much started the day we picked her up- our 2 kids were so excited, but I admit I was a little apprehensive- I didn’t know how reliable an old (vintage) motorhome would be, on such a long trip. But I needn’t have worried- Peter was very thorough and patient in his handover, and my hubby was like a kid in a sweetshop on the drive home! Maggie was clean, comfortable, and a reliable old girl. She had a full tank of fuel, and drove like one would expect a well-maintained vintage car to. My only difficulty was I couldn’t get used to the gears, and the left-hand drive, but that’s just cos I’ve been spoilt!When we got to France, we had a few issues- the light wouldn’t come on and we couldn’t find the trip switch and light plugs (even though this had been covered in the handover!). But we emailed Peter for help and I was impressed and pleased at the speed with which he always replied our emails! This was reassuring for me, especially being out of our comfort zone- wild-camping with 2 young kids. On our return, Peter was flexible, and agreed to let us return the hymer and pick up our car on a sunday, as I had to be at work on the previously agreed pick up date.All in all we had a fantastic experience; my husband is still a huge fan of Hymers and would love to own one if we could afford it!Big thumbs up to Peter- GREAT customer service!! I would certainly highly recommend them- if you like your vintage motorhomes

- Ada - 01/10/2013

First time novices to motor caravans. As we were going to Cambridge Folk Festival (again first time) we decided a motor caravan would be the best choice. Otto (our 6 birth Hymer) could not have been more suited. As this festival was in late July, in England …. well we planned for bad weather!!! Not at all, the sun was, well ….. out, all the time! Lots of eating out around the large fold up table and under the awning. Brilliant! Peter and John could not have been more helpful, and were a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Hire a Hymer. Not the newest vans but extremely comfortable and well looked after. Thanks again guys, see you next year.

- Peter - 26/09/2013

We have been thinking of purchasing a motor home for some time now, so when an opportunity came for a few days away at a friends farm, we thought about hiring a motor home. Googling motorhome hire, HIRE A HYMER came up. From the start the booking was easy and hassle free. Prices were very reasonable and they are PET friendly which is what we required.”Selma” was ready for us and PETER gave us a tour around her. Although most of their motor homes are older vehicles, they are VERY well looked after and VERY clean and tidy. The holiday went very well with no problems, (except human errors!!!) Selma drove very well and was comfortable. Peter was exceptionally helpful when “Selma” blew her tyre out. An unfortunate incident but this can happen to any one, and we all had a laugh when we returned her. I Cannot recommend HIRE A HYMER enough, Peter is a top bloke and we would definitely hire from his company again.THANK YOU GUYS BRILLIANT TIME!!!

- Chris - 25/09/2013

Just to say what an excellent introduction to motor-homing our Hymer was. From a thorough handover, to the equipment, to the suitability of the van for our week’s hire - faultless!Highly recommended to anyone who wants to try before buying.

- Dave - 23/09/2013

We hired Ralph as a family to go to Shambala Festival this year. Having never used any type of motorhome before, I was grateful that Pete was able to take the time to go through all the features of the vehicle and show me how everything worked. It’s a bit intimidating setting off in a large, left-hand drive vehicle, but within a few miles I was perfectly comfortable and had no difficulty handling Northampton’s ring road system.Arriving at a festival and being set up within minutes, with onboard water

- Ben - 13/09/2013

Goodwood Revival What a fantastic weekend my dad and I had at Goodwood Revival with Bart. It was our first time in a Motorhome and the experience was fantstic. The weather wasn’t kind to us so we got to try out Bart’s heating, which was very warm! I think we would have packed up and gone home if we had been in a tent. Although he is one of the smallest on the fleet he was plenty big enough for two of us and lots of people commented on how much cooler than a modern motorhomes he was. Another big thank-you for the use of the trailer – was perfect for towing my old Lambretta down to Goodwood.

- Paul - 11/09/2013

Racy Ralph Well we thought we’d better hire a Motorhome to see if we actually like the experience considering we had sold our flat and are planning to be an vacation for a year! So having searched the web I came across HIRE A HYMER. instantly keen because there Hymers of course I booked for over a week to go to a Motorhome rally to purchase a van – and we did, a Hymer of course and to get the experience of living in a Hymer . Well, Peter kindly advised that we may benefit from a larger van with a fixed bed but we declined his advise and chose Ralph a 555 because in our real lives we drive smart cars and did not feel that confident. Well within the hour had had mastered the driving and was impressed with my special awareness ability! Initially the van sounded quite loud but considering these vans (sorry no disrespect Ralph ) are nostalgically old but we soon got use to the sweet purring sound whilst travelling along country lanes. We avoided motorways and opted for more pleasant vistas. We did hook up on site for a couple of nights but spent most of our time wild camping- new Forrest was amazing. Back to Ralph, the size of the van was plenty big enough for us and the fuel consumption was great as was the LPG use (hardly used any) We found the dining area and incredible comfy over cab bed gave us enough space to enjoy comfort. Waking up to real wood interior and superb craftsmanship is incredible for your soul and sleep hygiene,! We hardly used the heating and were always felt toastie. The vans are wonderfully nostalgic and so reliable you expect from Mercedes. So to conclude, this was the lifestyle we have chosen and did actually buy a Hymer although not as regal as Ralph but a close second. I would recommend hiring from Peter and John and take a week out or more from our usual annual comforts and try this experience you’ll never forget. I was sad to hand the van back but we can now plan our future destinations an adventure before dementia with our trusty Hymer and pitch up under the stars. Is the kettle on Rob and were did I put my keys. X

- Stuart - 07/09/2013

Our first trip in a motorhome, but it won’t be our last. Incredibly easy to book and organise Bart for the festival this year. Thorough handover, and even when I forgot the basics (how to make the tap in the bathroom turn on) Peter was available and happy to help and didn’t laugh at my stupidity.Remarkably easy to drive, equipped with everything we needed for five nights away, including comfy beds. An elderly but well loved vehicle, Bart was perfect.Thanks guys.

- Katy - 31/08/2013

- Andrew - 08/08/2013

Easter with Ralph.. What a great time my wife a 4 year old

- Matthew - 18/06/2013

Just returned (& recovered) from a mid-May to mid-July tour of France, Spain and UK to celebrate retirement and what a trip! Smithers was “new” to the fleet and he didn’t miss a beat the entire 6000km+ trip. He started every time and did everything we asked of him… perhaps not as fast as the fancy new motorhomes that blew past on the outside lanes but we believe that the journey as just as important as the destination… it gives you a chance to “smell the roses” and the countryside was all new, so we didn’t need or want to rush. After a hectic working life, we relished the chance for a slightly slower pace. We also got alot of waves and smiles from other “vanners” who we suspect used to own a “last century” Hymer. Our only problem was “User Error” when the one (and only) time we didn’t have a lookout posted, we broke one of Smithers rear light lens’ backing up in a French supermarket carpark, for which we’re profoundly apologetic. Being a little larger than some his brothers, Smithers is perfect for longer vacations – especially if you have a few friends joining you. We loved the fixed bed (aft) but the forward drop-down bed also proved extremely comfortable & spacious when we were joined by friends. Being on a long vacation, we wanted to do as much catering at “home” as possible as we tire of continually dining out for extended periods. The 3 burner hob was more than adequate and of course the markets in France and Spain are to die for, with fresh produce of a quality we can’t find in the supermarkets back here in NZ (the really good stuff here is all exported!). Also – the on-board fridge is a necessity so make sure you understand (a) how to light it when using the gas option and (b) how to check it is running correctly. We lost a fridge-load of food as we weren’t paying attention to instructions when we picked the van up. Until then, we had used the electric hookup. We can’t recommend Pete and his team highly enough. They were great to do business with. When getting the original quote, there was no fluffing around, just a straight-up great price for the (long) hire period, compared to other companies who used complicated pricing structures to maximise their return. They supplied us with bedding and everything we needed for life on the road (we did splash out and buy a couple of wine glasses as it just seemed wrong to drink French Rose from tumblers and a hard-top folding outdoor table would be better than than the canvas model as plates slipped into the centre – but I suspect this was just because Peter didn’t have time to find anything else before we arrived!). They even threw in an electric fan heater as the May nights were still chilly and although we had difficulty finding LPG in Spain, I note that Pete is adding the Autogas fittings to his vehicles to make life simpler – just fill up wherever you see Autogas (called GPL in France) at service stations. The Shell gas stations in the UK refused to refill bottles so this is the obvious solution. We were delighted that Pete offered to pick us up off the London train as we didn’t have our bearings – this is just another example of the level of service they provided. AND we knew they were only a phone call away of anything had gone wrong. TIP 1: if you’re going to the Continent, before you go, make sure you get hold of the ACSI Campground Guide and discount card as you make great (and significant) savings on overnight rates in several European countries included Spain & France. I noted that upon our return, the guys at Hire A Hymer had a few copies available in their office, so check with them first. (They are also available from www.vicariousbooks.co.uk) TIP 2: Take the Satnav option but make sure it’s maps are up to date. We had some interesting moments on the Continent as the unit hadn’t been updated for 2 years. Apart from that – satnav “Kate” was indespensible. Finally – if any Antipodeans considering a similar journey want any any other information, we invite you to contact us by email at: markdumble@gmail.com Everyone else – Just Do It! Mark & Sue Auckland, NZ

- Mark - 18/06/2013


- The - 18/06/2013

We took Ralph with us on my inaugral trip (a) in a campervan and (b) to Glastonbury. Peter and John were excellent throughout prior to the booking and with queries etc., most helpful. The holiday went well but we weren’t able to return Ralph on time due to extenuating circumstances, again Peter was able to assist with this so there was no difficulty in the end. I shall be requesting another reservation for next year, yes, it really did go that well!

- Mama - 18/06/2013

Glasto 2013 We took Ned to Glasto this year and had a fab time. Hire a hymer are an excellent company that provide a superb service. Ned drove like a dream and was immaculate inside. Would highly recommend and will definitely be hiring again.

- Rachel - 18/06/2013

Glastonbury 2013 We had an excellent time at Glastonbury with Marge. I would definitely recommend HireAHymer. Marge was great, perfect for what we needed and the staff were really friendly and helpful and quick to reply to our questions.

- Michelle - 18/06/2013

Glastonbury 2013 Highly recommended! Staff are friendly and helpful. Motorhomes are well maintained and full of character. We really enjoyed our time with Disco Stu and will use HireAHymer again in the future.

- Matt - 18/06/2013

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