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This was the second year that we used Hire a Hymer for Download Festival. Hire a Hymer were once again brilliant from beginning to end – we were able to arrange a flexible, early collection from them as the vans weren’t out the night before.They are really easy to drive, and for their size, pretty easy to manoeuvre.Everything worked perfectly (and as we were a bit more seasoned with it being our second time with them, we knew what we were doing a little more!)We only had one reason to call ‘base’ for a query on the electrics, and once again Peter was really helpful in providing assistance.We returned the vans, collected our cars, transferred our gear and off we went – so simple! And our deposits were returned in full and very promptly.I don’t want to sing their praises too highly as I want to make sure there are Hymers still available for us for Download 2015!Good work guys, and huge thanks.Graham

- Graham - 19/06/2014

The 3 of us, Lisa, my wife and myself went through Normandy, and down to Le Mans and back without any problem, including 750 kms in a single day. Lisa has character to spare, and never played up or was difficult, which as newbie’s to camper vanning was much appreciated. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the benefits of driving a LHD camper on the Continent is immeasurable. Pete was a pleasure to deal with, I don’t think I’ve ever hired any vehicle with less hassle. Thks Pete, see you next time.

- Phil - 18/06/2014

An oasis of calm in a very muddy Bearded Theory Festival field. Bart did us proud providing a pleasant environment. He allowed us to suffer the weathers slings and arrows in comfort – and hauled us out where most others had to wait for a tow out. We shall return. The HaH team are lovely peeps to do business with to boot.

- Andy - 12/06/2014

Pretty much like the last review really, I know that these guys will sort out any niggles for future users. Nothing that caused us any great drama’s. We had a perfect time, 4 sites in 6 nights. I loved driving the vehicle and we both found the drop down comfortable. Possibly an addition of silver screens for the cab would be a good idea, as the early morning light was waking us up at 4 and 5 o clock. Or is that the idea. The whole experience was fun, beginning to endWe have some screens hiding away – I will put them in the vans.Glad you had a great time.

- Simon - 09/06/2014

- Rochelle - 01/06/2014

We hired Lisa for a three night break , she’s a bit worn but that only added to the enjoyment. The drop down bed is super comfy and the van was clean and had plenty of storage. We would definitely hire again. Thanks to the friendly staff for making our first Hymer adventure a great one

- B - 29/05/2014

Wow.Peter at Hire a Hymer ,was so patient and helpful to us when we were planning our big holiday from New Zealand. We emailed back and forth so much,Peter answered every query and offered more info when we picked up Smithers the 6.6 Hymer.Smithers served us well around Europe and Uk never missed a beat.Very comfortable to drive and the beds great too,had all the comforts from home.For 6 weeks our home away from home.Highly recommend Peter and his team and the reliable Hymers to give you a Holiday to remember.Thanks Heaps From the Dean Family

- LLoyd - 28/05/2014

- Graham - 27/04/2014

We booked Otto for 19 days for our first holiday in England. Everything went smoothly, without any problem with MH.The owner Peter was more than helpfull and kind. ;-)We highly recommend renting his motorhomes. We would gladly use his services again and we’ll recommend them to our friends in Slovenia! Peter, thank you very much for all your taxi services. Take care, Maya

- Maya - 16/04/2014

We persuaded ourselves to hire a motorhome before buying one.Maggie absorbed a tremendous amount of luggage and all out of sight. The visibility for road or views is great. She was surprisingly easy to manoevre even without a rear view camera and was a great workhorse – remembering of course to allow longer for a long journey! She’s comfortable at night and the drop-down bed is huge with plenty of sit-up height.A couple of niggles knocked off the 5th rating star, but they were of little consequence set against our enjoyment of the hire.Thanks to Pete and Hire a Hymer, we are now hooked on hire rather than purchase and are looking forward to our next adventure

- Sue - 06/04/2014

We booked Marge for a week away in the UK as we’d been considering buying a Hymer and wanted to try before we took the plunge.Pete emailed us a few days before we were due to collect to ask if we wanted to collect early which suited us very well. We were also able to return the van later by arrangement.The reception on arrival was friendly and Pete was extremely helpful – giving me a hand to load our bikes onto the rack etc. He took us through the main features of the van and answered our questions clearly and patiently.Everything which we needed for our holiday was supplied with the van. We chose to cook most evenings and the pans, utensils and crockery were all good quality and in good condition. The built in extractor fan above the hob was very effective.All features of the van were in full working order and in good condition for it’s age.The legendary Hymer over cab double bed was fantastic. Even at 6′ 2″ I could stretch out in comfort and we slept like logs. Set up and put away time was only 2 minutes.We found all of the “utilities” – hook up and water etc to be straightforward and easy to manage.The driving experience is best described as leisurely, but you soon get used to a slightly slower pace and the high driving position and massive windscreen gives excellent visibility all round.I’m used to driving larger vehicles (and left hand drive) so the size wasn’t a problem…We loved the freedom to get up and go in 10 minutes and the ability to park up somewhere and make lunch conveniently after a walk.In short we had a fantastic time on our Hymer-holiday and were sad to leave Marge at the end of the trip.

- Simon - 21/03/2014

Honestly very friendly, helpful and kind staff. Little problem with the heating, but I will definitely recommend and will hire again from them!!!

- Alexandre - 05/03/2014

We hired the Hymer for 2 weeks in February 2014 and headed across to Le Harve. We then had 2 weeks of fun and relaxation, stopping on a camp site for 3 days and the rest of the time in Aires (Excellent places to stop overnight and free, these were recommended by Peter). The service provided by Hire a Hymer was second to none, friendly and efficient and we have recommended them to our friends.

- Judith - 27/12/2013

My wife and I decided to hire ‘Lenny’ as a dry run prior to purchasing our own van … We like the classic styling of the hymer range; so HireAHymer was the obvious place to go 8-)The van was all kitted out with the essentials needed for a successful road trip including outdoor table/chairs, BBQ, cutlery, crockery and utensils. This made packing very easy

- Steve - 23/12/2013

Just a quick note to say thank you to Peter and John, we had another fabulous weekend with HERB at the Cornbury Music Festival. Nick and all the family. See you next year!

- Nick - 17/11/2013

After hiring a nearly-new motorhome earlier in the year and feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the quality and lack of character, we became aware of the classic Hymer as an affordable but highly characterful way into motorhome ownership.Before making any decision, we stumbled across Peter at Hire a Hymer and rented the characterful Otto. We’ve got to admit that it took seconds to realise just how good these old Hymer’s are. Couple that with Peter’s infectious enthusiasm and pragmatic approach, it was a fantastic and very pleasurable experience for us to hire Otto. We couldn’t fault the vehicle or the service. Just good, down-to-earth help, customer service and a well presented motorhome that worked perfectly.Yes, of course we’d hire from Hire a Hymer again! And we have already recommended them to friends who have been equally delighted.Like I said, bloody great!

- Simon - 15/11/2013

Motorhomes not that clean and was very tired looking very noisy to drive not much power and very juicy, had to fix a couple of items for them to work although never did get tv working or hot water. Couldn’t hear radio or passenger talking when driving due to noise from engine. Nice chaps but little customer service seemed all about the money than the service. Sorry guys not going to recommend poor service.

Response: Steve thanks for your feedback and we are very sorry that our motorhome did not meet your expectations. Our motorhomes are not brand new and we do not try to hide that fact. They were made in an age when manufacturers thought more about quality than refinement. They are not as quiet as a modern motorhome but most people have found them to be very economic for their size and shape. From what I remember you were in a great hurry and did not want a full induction. (this may reflect your economy and the issue of cabin noise). You also did not contact us once about any issues you experienced – I checked the motorhome on your return and the TV and hot water did work but it seems you did not know how to work them. Yes the carpet could have been cleaner and we have spoken to our cleaning staff about this issue.Finally I can assure you we do pride ourselves on our customer service and our service it not ‘all about the money’. If you had contacted us before your return you may have seen that. Also I recommend that next time you find the time to take the full induction as it may improve your holiday.

- Steve - 06/11/2013

Rip off merchants! Hire a Hymer……avoid like the plague! When we picked the motorhome up the carpet was stained, the door was open and it wasn’t until later that we realised it smelt of smoke. Going down the road the windscreen wipers stuck at the edge of the windscreen & we had to pull up 4 times in wind and rain on the hard shoulder of the motorway to release them….fortunately we weren’t going too far. The water in the onboard tank tasted bad too. On cleaning the motorhome out one of my granddaughters found a syringe and lighter in a cubbyhole. At the end of our period of hire we cleaned the motorhome to a high standard, it took us 40 minutes and was probably cleaner than when we picked it up, and I called the hirers to arrange to drop it off. I got a call back to say they weren’t expecting us that day and to leave it outside their premises. I do have an email that confirms dates & times of collection & drop off. I got an email the next day with a picture that shows hair on the carpet that doesn’t even look like our dog’s hair and certainly wasn’t there when we dropped the motorhome off. They also informed us that they were charging us £75 deep cleaning fee because of that hair. I am pretty disgusted really as we are always very conscious of not wanting to mess things up for other dog owners and make sure any place we stay is left immaculate. I have asked them to post the hair to us so we can check it….they have conveniently ignored that. I asked them 4 times to send me a sample of the hair, they wouldn’t, they lied about the return date despite me having the emails that confirmed it. They told me they were away that day and weren’t expecting us. I have the voicemail that confirms that then when I told them that they said they were there in the morning and we should have brought the van back then despite us having arranged to take it back in the afternoon. They totally ignored the complaints about the windscreen wipers, rank water in the onboard tank, dirty carpets and the smell of smoke and general dirt. In short, in it for the money and not bothered about being devious and underhand and ripping people off!

Response: Thank you for your review, it did come as a bit of a surprise as when we spoke when you dropped the motorhome off, you said that you had had a lovely time and the motorhome was great. You make quite a few points here – I will try to answer each one individually: 1. The main point of contention seems to be the cleaning charge for the dogs hairs. When you booked the motorhome we did explain in great detail that the dog valet fee was optional but it would be enforced if any trace of your dogs was left. Not only were there numerous hairs on the carpet but also on the seats (we specify that no dogs are allowed on the seats) but also the whole motorhome smelt ‘doggy’. I did send you pictures and a video of the hairs and offered for you to come and view them yourself (as you only live 20 minutes away) before any cleaning took place – you refused. No I did not send through samples of the hairs as they were the same as on the pictures that were sent. The hairs on the carpet were from a black dog and the ones on the seats were beige/white – you never did answer what colour your dogs were. The charge of £75 did not cover the full cleaning and again I am happy if you would like to speak to the company that cleaned the motorhome. 2. The windscreen wipers failing was due to a loose connection in the linkage – again apologies for that, it is now fixed. 3. The carpets were not spotless but they did not have any animal hair or smell on them. 4. The motorhome did not smell of smoke – we do not allow smoking in our motorhomes and we fine our customers if evidence is found. 5. We did not lie about the return date, we have many motorhomes coming and going and try to be as flexible as possible with our customers. For example we allowed you to collect the motorhome earlier than normal as you wanted to get to your destination earlier. We do say to our customers that you are welcome to drop off later providing that the motorhome is not booked out but we do ask our customers to text or ring to confirm that this is possible. The normal drop off time is 11am – we were in the office until midday but had to leave to attend a meeting. When you called it did come as a surprise because we had not heard from you saying that you wanted to return the motorhome later. Had you been on time or called before 11am we would have been there to meet you. 6. The water in the on board tank is not Evian and we do not recommend that our customers drink it. We do clean our tanks on a regular basis but it can take on a rather plastic taste. 7. When you say that your granddaughter found a syringe – I am assuming only the plastic part? Very sorry about this but I am sure it was to be used for medical rather than recreational purposes. 8. There are numerous lighters in the motorhomes used for the gas hob (normally in the kitchen area). I hope that this covers most of your points. Again sorry for your experience, we have tried to be fair but I guess you do not see it that way. We do not like conflict but we also do not like our motorhomes to be in an unfit state for use. Based on this experience, for those people wishing to take dogs, we have made the dog valet fee compulsory rather than optional. We are not in business to rip people off but to provide good value for money backed up by good service – luckily the vast majority of our customers see us in this light.

- Y - 04/11/2013

November in Norfolk was great fun. Obviously the motorhomes are of an age but it does not harm us spoilt 21st century types to realise that not everything is perfect plastic. Had a motor home per family and stayed in beautiful locations with 4 very excited kids. Hire cost was very reasonable and all had a brilliant time with all the facilities you would need. Left hand drive actually helps driving when trying to keep close to the near-side on narrow roads.

- Simon - 01/11/2013

We were motor home virgins till I talked to the silver tongued Peter and john at hire a hymer. From the initial stage of enquiry to actually driving away in Selma, they were fantastic extremely helpful and what a pleasure to meet someone who genuinely enjoys their job.A huge thanks from my wife Loo and me and I can’t wait to do it again hopefully from hire a hymer in the northwest.

- jim - 11/10/2013

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