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Easter with Ralph.. What a great time my wife a 4 year old

- Matthew - 18/06/2013

Just returned (& recovered) from a mid-May to mid-July tour of France, Spain and UK to celebrate retirement and what a trip! Smithers was “new” to the fleet and he didn’t miss a beat the entire 6000km+ trip. He started every time and did everything we asked of him… perhaps not as fast as the fancy new motorhomes that blew past on the outside lanes but we believe that the journey as just as important as the destination… it gives you a chance to “smell the roses” and the countryside was all new, so we didn’t need or want to rush. After a hectic working life, we relished the chance for a slightly slower pace. We also got alot of waves and smiles from other “vanners” who we suspect used to own a “last century” Hymer. Our only problem was “User Error” when the one (and only) time we didn’t have a lookout posted, we broke one of Smithers rear light lens’ backing up in a French supermarket carpark, for which we’re profoundly apologetic. Being a little larger than some his brothers, Smithers is perfect for longer vacations – especially if you have a few friends joining you. We loved the fixed bed (aft) but the forward drop-down bed also proved extremely comfortable & spacious when we were joined by friends. Being on a long vacation, we wanted to do as much catering at “home” as possible as we tire of continually dining out for extended periods. The 3 burner hob was more than adequate and of course the markets in France and Spain are to die for, with fresh produce of a quality we can’t find in the supermarkets back here in NZ (the really good stuff here is all exported!). Also – the on-board fridge is a necessity so make sure you understand (a) how to light it when using the gas option and (b) how to check it is running correctly. We lost a fridge-load of food as we weren’t paying attention to instructions when we picked the van up. Until then, we had used the electric hookup. We can’t recommend Pete and his team highly enough. They were great to do business with. When getting the original quote, there was no fluffing around, just a straight-up great price for the (long) hire period, compared to other companies who used complicated pricing structures to maximise their return. They supplied us with bedding and everything we needed for life on the road (we did splash out and buy a couple of wine glasses as it just seemed wrong to drink French Rose from tumblers and a hard-top folding outdoor table would be better than than the canvas model as plates slipped into the centre – but I suspect this was just because Peter didn’t have time to find anything else before we arrived!). They even threw in an electric fan heater as the May nights were still chilly and although we had difficulty finding LPG in Spain, I note that Pete is adding the Autogas fittings to his vehicles to make life simpler – just fill up wherever you see Autogas (called GPL in France) at service stations. The Shell gas stations in the UK refused to refill bottles so this is the obvious solution. We were delighted that Pete offered to pick us up off the London train as we didn’t have our bearings – this is just another example of the level of service they provided. AND we knew they were only a phone call away of anything had gone wrong. TIP 1: if you’re going to the Continent, before you go, make sure you get hold of the ACSI Campground Guide and discount card as you make great (and significant) savings on overnight rates in several European countries included Spain & France. I noted that upon our return, the guys at Hire A Hymer had a few copies available in their office, so check with them first. (They are also available from www.vicariousbooks.co.uk) TIP 2: Take the Satnav option but make sure it’s maps are up to date. We had some interesting moments on the Continent as the unit hadn’t been updated for 2 years. Apart from that – satnav “Kate” was indespensible. Finally – if any Antipodeans considering a similar journey want any any other information, we invite you to contact us by email at: markdumble@gmail.com Everyone else – Just Do It! Mark & Sue Auckland, NZ

- Mark - 18/06/2013


- The - 18/06/2013

We took Ralph with us on my inaugral trip (a) in a campervan and (b) to Glastonbury. Peter and John were excellent throughout prior to the booking and with queries etc., most helpful. The holiday went well but we weren’t able to return Ralph on time due to extenuating circumstances, again Peter was able to assist with this so there was no difficulty in the end. I shall be requesting another reservation for next year, yes, it really did go that well!

- Mama - 18/06/2013

Glasto 2013 We took Ned to Glasto this year and had a fab time. Hire a hymer are an excellent company that provide a superb service. Ned drove like a dream and was immaculate inside. Would highly recommend and will definitely be hiring again.

- Rachel - 18/06/2013

Glastonbury 2013 We had an excellent time at Glastonbury with Marge. I would definitely recommend HireAHymer. Marge was great, perfect for what we needed and the staff were really friendly and helpful and quick to reply to our questions.

- Michelle - 18/06/2013

Glastonbury 2013 Highly recommended! Staff are friendly and helpful. Motorhomes are well maintained and full of character. We really enjoyed our time with Disco Stu and will use HireAHymer again in the future.

- Matt - 18/06/2013

Glasto 2013 Top Campervan.Top Company.Top Service.Top all-round.Highly Recomended.

- Paul - 18/06/2013

Fantastic hire We took Selma to Glastonbury this year, and couldn’t have asked for a better van or better service from the guys. Everything from the booking process, getting answers to questions that I inundated them with and the pick up and drop off process was done fantastically. And Selma herself was fantastic. Everything we needed was included, she was easy to drive, decent on fuel and comfortable. Looking forward to finding another weekend that we can hire from these guys.

- Mel - 18/06/2013

We took Sideshow Bob to France. !! He was great to drive easy to manoeuvre for his size and very comfortable to sleep in.Great shower too:-)We stayed on quite a few camping sites where Bob seamed to be loved and admired by everyone passing by.We got caught up in a sudden massive storm in Rocamadour in the Dordogne where hailstones were the size of golf balls were coming down breaking branches from the trees and bouncing off the camper. Unfortunately we had had the awning out as it had been previously very hot and sunny. The awning ended up with a couple of tips in it:-( We explained when we got back and they were very nice about it. :-)All good and we had a fabulous time.Wendy and Mark

- Wendy - 18/06/2013

Download Festival c/o HireAHymer Throughout the entire booking process HireAHymer were brilliant, humoring me by answering my incessant questions, being a first timer at this years Download Festival (first time without having to do the walk of death into the campsites that is!) We collected Herb and Bart on the Wednesday, and were given a full tour of the vehicle and any further questions we had were answered, then it was off and up the M1 to Donington. The vans were easy to drive, fairly easy to manoeuvre into camp (given Herbs rather large ‘back-end’). Then it was handbrake on and beers open! Sleeping / Cooking etc. were brilliant – the fridge kept the beer cool and the hobs kept the tea hot in the morning… we did have a [user initiated] issue with a leisure battery on the Friday, but HireAHymer were brilliant sorting it out for us and offered to come onto site to sort it if needed…. never felt we were on our own for the entire trip. The return and hand-back process was easy, and we’re already looking to book for next year – definitely not going back to camping now!! Thanks all at HireAHymer for a GREAT experience…

- Graham - 18/06/2013

Easter with Ralph… What a great time my wife a 4 year old & a 7 month old had in Ralph traveled around 450 miles without a problem Ralph was very clean, beds were comfertable, heating was very good, cooking was easy. Traveled to bath, ilfracombe & the cotswold, poor Ralph got a bit beaten up by the monkeys at longleat, what a great way to drive through the saffari park. Would highly recommed HireaHymer & will hire with them again. Keep up the good work lads.

- Matthew - 28/05/2013

Fantastic Hi Myself and my wife have always wanted to try out a Hymer as we have hired out a high top van and found them very cramped and uncomfortable We are a family of five and we had no problem with space in this Hymer I found it very relaxing to drive and am more than impressed with its performance even though it is 20 years old WE WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIRING FOR A FAMILY HOLIDAY Our only disappointment is that we left it to late to book one up for July to Aug as they have all been booked out

- Mark - 26/05/2013

I believe that the ‘camping under a tent thing’ is well and truly gone with my family as we had such a fantastic time in Bart. It was great to have the experience of being in a field but the knowledge of a dry bed and heating at the end of the day was brilliant. As Bart is an automatic he is easy and light to handle, even being left hand drive is no real problem. Great weekend and looking forward to taking him out again.

- Trish - 26/05/2013

Long weekend in Wales We found Hire a Hymer while looking at motorhomes on Gumtree and when we discovered it was only a couple of miles up the road from us decided it would be a great opportunity to see how we liked motorhoming. Yes we did! We soon got used to Marge’s idiosyncratic characteristics and had a good run down to a lovely campsite in Talybont on Usk. The nights were very cold but we stayed snug in the van. With a little bit of adaptation we were able to get our tandem onto the bike rack. John and Peter were very helpful with some minor problems and we will definitely be back again. No more shivering in a tent!

- Nigel - 26/05/2013

Van was clean, tidy, well equipped and everything worked. Initially, left hand drive was tricky but became easier as the week progressed. Flexibility of pick-up and return times was handy. A little padding on the rungs of the ladder for getting up to bed would be appreciated.Generally, a good experience

- Geoff - 25/05/2013

Happy Campers!Had a great weekend in the motor home. Came with everything we needed, and was a better drive than some I’ve Driven. Everything worked great, and we were comfortable at all times.Thanks to the team, Jamie

- Jamie - 25/05/2013

First time, won’t be the last time!We had a really wonderful weekend taking Marge to Norfolk, the first time we have ever been motorhoming. Hymers are cool! Thanks for allowing us to take our dogs along. The separate shower cubicle with great water pressure was as good as being at home. We are having withdrawal symptoms now and wish we were going off this weekend too.

- Deborah - 25/05/2013

Weekend in WalesI wasn’t too sure what to expect as I pulled out of the farm driveway in my old classic Hymer and started heading to Wales ,but it wasnt long for my love affair with Selma to kick in .What a wonderfully classic motorhome ,she was great to drive ,left hand drive automatic ,no problem at all ,big great steering wheel and handled superb.When I was pitched up on the camp site she became a home from home with all the facilities you could need for a weekend or weeks away . I’ve booked Ralph for a weekend in July ,and can’t wait to get away again in a classic,thanks to Peter

- Dave - 25/05/2013

Hymer in the peak We had a wonderful time in the peak national park, camping on a isolated farm on top of the world with views to dream of. And the beauty about the hymer is that you can lay in bed and dream right out of the panoramic front window. The shower is also large enough to really be used and we had plenty water even after camping in the wild without fresh water and electricity. Amazingly the narrow roads were not a problem, and the hymer is small enough to park nearly anywhere. We are now planning our next venture to the continent. What a wonderful way to get around

- Erwin - 25/05/2013

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