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1 October 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Barney Hymer Motorhome at the Stuggart Beer Festival

Stuggart Beer Festival 2012 Cannstatter Wasen in Barney our S Class Mercedes Hymer S670

After many years of talking about attending a beer festival the time for talking was over and 8 of us were finally going to makethe trip but to which one, where would we stay and how would we get there.
We decided on Stuttgart as it had great reviews and was closer than Munich. The natural choice for transportation was our Hymer motorhomes as there is a campsite next door to the venue – is a 1 minute walk to the festival. It worked out to be €25 per head for 2 days in the motorhome with electric hookup and is very safe and well run.
Due to work commitments,MOTORHOME4 of the group chose to fly down and meet us in Stuttgart. This left 4 of us to drive down and we chose to pack 1 tent and travel in Barney – a 6 berth Hymer motorhome.
The journey time is about 11 hours from Northampton to Stuttgart so we decided to break the journey up and stop over on the way down. On the way there we stopped in the Citadel carpark in Verdun and Auberge De Rousch in Heerlen on our return journey. Both were free stop overs and broke the journey up so that we did not have too much driving in one day.

Our route to the Stuttgart Beer festival hymer motorhome hire

Depart Thursday Midday
Arrive Verdun Thursday 8pm
Depart Verdun Friday 9am
Arrive Stuttgart Friday 1pm
Depart Stuttgart Sunday Midday
Arrive Heerlen Sunday 6:30pm
Depart Heerlen Monday 9am
Arrive Northampton Monday 3pm

Not having attended before, we found out that you need to book your table in one of the beer halls – they are all fairly similar and you can make your choice here:
We chose Klauss & Klauss for the Friday night and Wurttemberg Haus for the Saturday night. You have to book early as the tables do sell out quickly. The prices do seem high when you book but all of this is converted into tokens (you need to collect these from the venue) that you can use on drinks and food.
In my opinion Wuttemberg Haus had a much better atmosphere and we had a fantastic night along with everybody else in the beer hall.

The Canstatter Wasen is the second largest beer festival in Germany after the Oktoberfest and runs from 28th September –MOTORHOME14th October. Its popularity increases every year as more people from all over theworld come to visit. The Stuttgart Beer Festival was formed around 1818 when King Wilhelm decided to celebrate the end to years of hunger. The festival is the second largest in Germany only being surpassed by the Oktoberfest in Munich.

The beer festivals large beer tents present an ebullient atmosphere and the introduction of some wild and fast new rides to the fairground keep visitors on their toes. Culinary delights like ‘Käsespätzle’MOTORHOME(Swabian noodles with cheese), potato noodles with sour kraut or crispy knuckles complete the whole festival experience.

I would recommend this trip to anybody – it is not just for people wishing to drink beer! The atmosphere was fantastic and it was an experience that will stay with me for life.
The drive down was easy and it was great to have our mobile home within a stones throw of the festival.
We travelled around 1300 miles and put 250 litres of fuel in – this gave us roughly 24 mpg. Which is pretty good as we were focusing on our destination and not our surroundings.
Overall the trip cost £145 per person for 4 people to travel down in the motorhome and then €25 for the campsite.
Please have a look at our website if you would like to hire a motorhome to make a similar trip to a beer festival – I would recommend it to all.





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